Here is all the info you need.

If there are any team players out there in the 'Nationwide" land. KIRK COX is our front line guy. Alpha list.. Kirkland Cox.

BTW - for anyone that cares. I have written letters of thanks to LEOs that have confronted politicians and protected the 2A in other states. I have given money to those in need regardless of their political convictions in other states ( didn't ask, didn't care ) . I will never know nor meet any of them. I am not wealthy by any stretch of anyone's imagination nor am I socially eloquent.

So I feel I have paid this request forward, not specifically but over the long haul.

I ask for a few keystrokes and mouse clicks.

All I ask is that no LEO, .Mil, .Gov, .Whatever place their jobs or lives in jeopardy by getting politically involved regardless of where you reside or how you feel about the matter.

The Dems are in a state of desperation. Please don't underestimate that power. "Coonman' is a dead man walking and dangerous.

If you still live in a Red State use VA as blockade. If we thwart this it will be reported that the VA Rs were to blame and VA will go full out Blue so you will never have this chance again. So use us while you can. You may be next.