I'm a pretty basic person. I like what I like and I really appreciate what others with greater means have. Friends often come to me to fix things. They will ask me 'so aren't i right, knowing full well that I will just as likely say, 'no you screwed up'. I expect the same from them and i value their thoughts. I really enjoy the things people can do, be they rich or not so much. I don't envy rich people but I would love to live their life for a while. I don't envy poor people but i know they have a lot they can teach me as well.

I'm pretty damn old with nothing special to show for it.

One of my good friends is a Viet Nam combat vet. Day one fire fight and nothing got any prettier after that. i have known him for decades and have recently learned so much about him that should have been obvious. i simply never cared. His religion..... I never cared. His political affiliation.... I never cared. His financial situation.... I never cared. His recorded level of education.... I never cared.

I am not a vet. in 1972 I was expecting to go to Viet Nam via draft. I was still in high school. My cousin was over there and supposedly heading back and I was supposedly heading that way. The draft ended and the war was a disaster and I was basically wtf. i went to work in a factory making cigarettes on the night shift. i am not now nor have I ever been a warrior. I was prepared at the time to learn from whomever I was placed with being drafted. I was going to do my best which I didn't expect to be much. Well that didn't happen.

So fast forward several decades. If you have to ask who your friends are, you don't have friends. If your friends do continual stupid shit after decades you may want to consider protecting them from themselves... good luck with that. Been there, done that, different story.

So all of you have a different story. You are who you are and you have friends or maybe you even want friends.

My story of getting through.

My VN friend is a one way PITA if you want him to agree with you. He tells me so many things are bullshit. What do you want this for? Yeah that's cool but it's bullshit. Guns have one purpose, to kill. M16 sucks. suppressor, sumressor.

Ok, so now I have bought and built a few rifles but my most favorite thing so far is my .22lr with a suppressor bolt rifle. I just love it. My second would be my built 300Blk 11.5 suppressed. If money were no object ... actually I'm not even sure.

Anyway we go shooting and I've gotten him out to the range and he keeps telling me how all my stuff is bullshit but he's meeting these people that share his experiences. they get to talking and I have ZERO idea of what they are talking about but i can tell they are having fun.

Then I pull the trigger on the suppressed .22lr between the conversation and they both smile and laugh and comment on how quite it is. It didn't spoil the moment. I, as far outside their world as one could possible be, did not spoil their remembrances. It's like music. There is a little place for everyone. A Viet Nam vet talking to (similarly special person of a younger age)

My friend now smiles each time he 'doesn't hear' my suppressed .22lr bolt rifle. i smile too and you can bet your ass I've never said I thought you said suppressors were bullshit. It's simply understood. I "got through" by accident, by saying oh well, by respecting his opinion, by sticking to my guns, by calling it like I see and understand it. The latter being all I really have.

Don't get me wrong, my friend would help me do anything I set out to do and at the same time telling me why i'm being stupid. i will in turn say prove it or stfu, listen to me and help me. It's a respectful situation both ways.

So do you have a story about getting though to anyone regarding firearms? Be it levels of 2A or gun, no gun. Women seem to be very easy to get from "no gun" to "oh hell yeah".

We need to get through

WNTGT t-shirt LOGO? Any reason why not? What does that mean? It means we want to talk to you about being safe and protected in your chosen family environment.

Why can't every true 2A .org give away a WNTGT item?

Why can't it be a thing?

Anyway.. my friends are not really like me but they believe in me and I believe in them.

How do we "get through" to expand our realm of 2A rights so that it is fortified against attack?

Do you have a story? Do you have a wish? do you have a way to go busking for the 2A?