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Thread: PSA GF3 AK-47 review

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    PSA GF3 AK-47 review

    Finally finished up the GF3 review. Had one issue with the rear sight (similar to Rob I guess) but otherwise it went pretty well. The photos in the video show the wear better than I can say but all in all I think it's doing well.

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    Rob's got 4k rounds through it in his review. Only broke a the firing pin retainer pin which is easily replaced and it still functioned. Hopefully someday the US can finally build a quality AK.

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    It looks like PSA *might* be on their way to being the first manufacturer with a 100% US made AK that is capable of long term heavy use. They seem to be using the right materials, machining process etc on the GF3s. Their assembly and QC still needs a lot of work, both on the AR and AK side.

    Even though I'm a bit soured on PSA from a few bad experiences, I root for PSA to get their assembly and QC in order. I just might pick one of these GF3s up later.
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