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I still run .30-06 since it is the best all around sub magnum .30 cal hunting cartridge. In my estimation it's perfect for a lighter weight woods gun. Shooting relatively flat with 150gr loads while still being able to be worked up into the lower ranges of some of the magnum rounds while also having the ability to run 220gr for larger predator type game. I personally didn't care for certain reloading aspects that comes with running a belted magnum like .300 Win. I didn't care for the weight of the rifle necessary to offset the recoil of a .300 RUM even if compensated. I do like .308 but feel it's best in a semi-auto rifle. I don't really get into niche calibers so for me 6.5 Creedmoor would be a hard pass.
Spot on. Id add the tc compass. Its lightweight, accurate, inexpensive and reviews are stellar. Its a great hunting rifle for what op stated