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Thread: Fill Up Your Vehicle ASAP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    No more excuses for Israel
    So honestly. When the time comes for Iran to start shit.

    What do you expect the US to do? What do you expect Israel to do?

    I'm hardly a fanboy who thinks it's a nation of chosen people who we are mandated by God to protect. I'm also not terribly crazy about US tax dollars going to a country that 1. doesn't really need the money 2. probably doesn't do enough to justify the money and 3. isn't being spent to fix all the problems we have here.

    But I somewhat understand the dynamic at play over there and you never get a perfect situation, you get the situation you get and try and make it as favorable as possible. That said there are days I think the most sound solution is to stop sending checks, cut the leash and let them have at it. My larger concerns are the bigger players and how they will step in. I wouldn't want to create a proxy war in the Middle East against Russia and China like we had in Vietnam, of course Obama sorta did create exactly that in Syria.
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    I filled up my tank this morning. Now what?

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    I'm sure the SME LARPers will claim Debka is a bad source, but the prudent draws info from many sources before dismissing a claim.


    US intelligence learns from a highly credible source that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have completed preparations for a large-scale assault on an important Saudi oil facility within days. On Monday, June 17, the aides of senior US congress members were summoned to the White House for a briefing on this intelligence and informed that this time the administration is gearing up for a military response.
    It appears that the data reaching US intelligence has not named which Saudi oil facility is in Iran’s sights for the impending attack, but stressed that it will be a lot more damaging than the previous sabotage operations on six oil tankers. Saudi Arabia has placed all its oil installations, terminals, ports and oil fields on maximum alert.
    My take: It could all be posturing or Bolton's wet dream, but it's wise to keep an eye on this stuff. I'm going to see if this story pops up elsewhere, and I plan to keep filling my tank at the halfway point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlander Systems View Post
    I filled up my tank this morning. Now what?
    Drive to work?
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    So back OT, is there still a debate about whether or not Iran was responsible after they kidnapped some of the crew and held them in Iran? Or did that settle it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    So back OT, is there still a debate about whether or not Iran was responsible after they kidnapped some of the crew and held them in Iran? Or did that settle it?

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    Pretty sure those were Israeli boats mocked up to look Iranian, and those crew members are actually being held in Oman instead.
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    Filled up last night, $2.29 a gallon.


    I've cleaned up about 7 pages of jibber jabber about Israel, deep state, etc. KEEP IT RELATED TO IRAN'S HOSTILE ACTIONS, NOTHING ELSE.

    I reopen the thread as promised, since the Iranian just shot down an American drone.


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