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Thread: Magpul Foliage Green Stocks, Grips, Handstop, Rail Cover Sets

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    Magpul Foliage Green Stocks, Grips, Handstop, Rail Cover Sets

    Payment is paypal only
    Shipping is free

    ***Having problems receiving emails- DO NOT email me if interested- PM here is your best bet.

    Other Gear:

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    For sale is a 2 sets of Magpul Foliage green parts;
    2x STR stocks, milspec
    2x MOE grip
    2x Handstop kit
    20x XTM panels
    6+ Ladder panels

    Condition- everything is either new, or real close. Been in closet storage. There are a couple small smudges on one of the stocks, and perhaps a few minor scuffs elsewhere if you look real hard.
    Buying options-

    A) 1x stock, 1x handstop, 1x grip, 10x XTM panel, 3+ ladder panel - $115 (basically, half of everything)
    B) 1x stock, 1x handstop, 1x grip, 20x XTM panel - $105
    C) 1x stock, 1x handstop, 1x grip, 6+ Ladder panel - $125
    D) Everything - $220


    Trades- 1:1 straight trade in same new/like new condition for:
    -Magpul standard STR milspec, Black https://www.magpul.com/products/str-...stock-mil-spec
    -Magpul standard K2 grip, Black https://www.magpul.com/products/moe-k2-grip-ar15-m4
    -Magpul Mlok Handstop Kit, Black https://www.magpul.com/products/m-lok-hand-stop-kit
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