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Thread: I'm Trying Out a New Carbine Light for "Inside the House"

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    I have a Streamlight Dual Fuel

    on a Chinese cantilever mount. It is all fine for me. My concern is not indoors but outdoors. That 350 lumens is not enough once I pop outside.

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    One other hazard, bright lights in tight spaces can be as blinding to you as the bad guy under certain conditions--no Tommy Tactical here either, but with how light sensitive I am I like to have a very dim, low-power one (Princeton Switch Rail, mounted on top of the laser on my FSP) to get around on and then I have an older Olight, the PL-1 II Valkyrie, racked on as a dedicated Eyeball Cooker.

    Catch is, if I fire that Olight everybody's eyes are getting fricasseed...

    EDIT: Doc, MFT Torch and PT Switch look like the same light with different branding.
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    I currently run a TLR-1 HL on 45* Offset M-Lok. Just a tad bit barrel shadow, otherwise I love it.

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