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Thread: Relatively Recce build

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    Relatively Recce build

    inspiration for this was some Aero stripped lowers and blem uppers I've had sitting around for WAY too long, ALG forend I got on ridiculous clearance, but a hodge podge of other parts I've had sitting around.
    Then I saw a picture of Daryl Holland with his recce rifle and it was on! This isn't a clone, it's in the spirit of.

    I will make a clone eventually, I need to find an Armalite tube though.

    Upper Receiver:
    UNK manf. stripped upper
    Aero Precision upper parts kit
    Ballistic advantage 16" SPR profile .223 wylde barrel
    Aero precision low profile gas block
    Aero precision gas tube
    Surefire Procomp 556
    PSA nitride BCG
    ALG EMR V0-E 15"
    BCM Gunfighter mod4 charging handle
    Aero PRecision ultralight scope mount
    Primary arms 1-6 ACSS
    UNK throwlever

    Lower Receiver
    Aero Precision stripped lower
    Daniel Defense LPK
    BCM receiver extension, end plate and castle nut
    BCM carbine buffer and spring
    No name colt CAR15 stock knock off
    Strike industries stock stop(CA)
    Strike Industries featureless grip(CA)
    CAR15 buttpad enroute from MidwayUSA

    I can't wait to shoot it. It's got a great balance to it, I think bipods would make it too nose heavy, but if I can find some cheap I will try it out.
    image1.jpgimage2.jpgimage1 (1).jpg
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    Looks good

    I was very tempted by the V0-E rails as well but wasn't sure how I would like the bare aluminum.

    I have 3 ALG rails that I am using (15" V1 Mlok, 13" V3 Mlok and 10" V2 Keymod) and an unmounted 12" V2 Mlok. I am happy with all of them and am a big fan of the barrel nut/rail mounting.



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