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Thread: Will Larson (IraqGunz) Memorial and Go Fund Me

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    I heard about this by going into Sionics Arms today to pick up some stuff and was told by Stephen of the news. Damn, so sorry, I only lurk on here for the most part and ask a few questions, but he was considered a guru from everything I've heard. Took his armoror's course a few years back and he was a truly nice fellow. He's leaving big shoes to fill

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    I always enjoyed his posts.

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    Very sad to hear this.

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    I just heard the news via Denny Ducet's Gram story.

    Damn. Will was, as others have said, a true Titan of the industry and community. A truly solid guy.

    We are diminished.

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    I frankly didn't like the guy, as he slapped me down a couple times on the forums for things I uttered that he thought wrong. He was right, I was wrong, and I've thrown some $$ in the pot to defray his family's expenses. If I could dial my eloquence to Eleven, I doubt I could say anything that would relieve his family's grief, so I'll just say "Rock on, Will!" We'll see you on the other side....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Send it... View Post
    Prayers for the fallen and his family and friends. I contacted my Dr. today to get my A1C checked.
    That was my first thought... Everyone needs to know your numbers and deal with it. Knowing multiple people dealing with impact of undiagnosed/untreated diabetes, you really do not want to deal with even the minor issues, much less the one that got IG.

    Very sad.

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    I was so proud of my Spike's Tactical I purchased on their LEO account. I came here to learn and BOY HOWDY did I learn a lesson.

    I made the mistake or good fortune to Ask Will about my fine piece of shooting iron. He spanked me like a stepchild and sent me to my room without dinner.

    Will broke it down, ONE MORE TIME, what AR-15 quality parts are and the rest are on lesser quality. MIL SPEC don't mean, It's OK.

    BCM, Colt and Sionix was brought to my attention.

    I run 3 different BCM uppers on A Colt lower and 2 Spike's lowers with BCM LPK, Geissele & ALG triggers.

    Will was the light and he showed me the way. ALL you had to do was ask him.

    He wasn't bashful. He wanted EVERYBODY to have the BEST AR they could afford in case of LIFE or DEATH.

    Gone way too soon. Surely he hadn't depleted his brain of all his firearms knowledge.

    Thank You Sir, I am proud to have been schooled by you in the M4C

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    RIP, IG. I am primarily a lurker but I always enjoyed his posts for the knowledge he passed along. With that said, I also chuckled a bit when he would shut down a thread where the subject had been discussed multiple times. Thoughts and prayers to the family.

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    I always appreciated his very candid and no-nonsense advice on all things AR related. He never recommended any tacticool gizmos or gadgets--just the proven basics. Loved it.

    Reminds me that life is to short no to forgive and stay forgiven. Judgement Day is coming for all of us...

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