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Thread: U.S. Military's 'New' 6.8 Caliber Round ?

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    I still dont understand what gun this new bullet is going in?

    Even IF we do need a better caliber because artillary and CAS are no longer available (really a rare occurance, but whatever), what platform is this meant for? If its going inside a LMG, Im all for it. Longer plunging fire and better terminal affect when it does get there, sure. If anyone thinks this belongs in a carbine, and will all of a sudden make every trooper into a DM and assaulter at the same time, no F'ing way. There is a reason we dropped 7.62 and adopted 556 as the main battle cartridge. When I was in Afghanistan it was all about the caliber over match and CAS. If dudes shot at us with AK, we returned with 240 & 50 cal. If they where using anything bigger than AK, again returned with 240 & 50 cal and then CAS got invovlded. The absolute name of the game was fix target with belt feds and wait for CAS or artillary. Really too simple.
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    id say we adopt something like the 6.5 Grendel if anything and 6.5 creed for lmg's and dmr's. A intermediate with a high BC and rounds with high BC in general would be very adaptable and useful cartridges. The 6.5 Grendel can stat super sonic for 1000 meters and retains lots of energy. That's the route I would go but im just some geek on the internet. A 6.5 g with slightly higher muzzle velocity would be the ticket. I agree with the general consensus that this 6.8 will probably be of limited use if not shelved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssimo View Post
    The idea of a major conflict between modern countries without the air superiority being the crucial point is not realistic. In order not to have artillery you should go back to medieval technology, there wouldn't be rifles, too. you are basically talking about a post apocaliptic world war, which i don't Think was the topic being discussed here. The caliber for the single Soldier or the single infantry unit can make a big difference (and I still think That is better to have more round and Carry less weight) but, unless we are talking about A completely different kind of Bullet with a New Technology Behind it, I don't see many caliber options to really improve a Western country armed force performances at the moment.
    In a near peer conflict artillery will be spending the majority of it's time doing counter battery fire or moving to avoid enemy fires not providing close support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpmuscle View Post
    Maybe they should carry PCCs?

    On a serious note new calibers and their derivatives are cool and all but how much further can 5.56 be evolved? Or have we already exceeded the apex of its potential?

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    Haha. Pistol bullets actually weigh more.

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