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Thread: Rail mounted front sight

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    Rail mounted front sight

    Moving away from FSP's and looking for a folding front sight that works with 300 and 600 KAC rears. Leaning MBUS Pro but wondering if there are any other good but cost effective solutions?
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    Anything of the same height would work.

    Assuming you are wanting small footprint to match the KAC, but with the bang for less buck? If so, MBUS Pro works. Take a look at Griffin front too.

    Looks like Midwest Battle Sight would do it too, but not seeing a stand alone front on their site.

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    Magpul MBUS Pro for sure. Pairs very nicely with a KAC rear. Or honestly, a set of MBUS Pros work just as well as a full set of KAC irons, however the KAC do have the added advantage of being able to dial in elevation.

    PS - You sent me a PM the other day about a Leupold scope. I tried to reply but your inbox is full. Please PM me again with your email address and I'll send you an email.


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