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Thread: What Geissele Trigger are Your Running Your AR-10 and Why?

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    Geissele DMR. Why? Good reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WARRIOR45 View Post
    I have the SSA-E and the high speed national match. I prefer the SSA-E. I have had the SSA-E give me unintentional double taps a couple times. Anyone else have this problem?
    I have had this happen with my SD-3G and every time I was practicing poor trigger control by not following through on the trigger press.
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    I’ve owned three SSA’s. Decent improvement over milspec. Currently have a SD-E in a 7.62 SPR-ish heavy Recce. My favorite trigger. Bought two LaRue MBT 2 triggers the holiday season and they’re on par with Geissele E-Series triggers, but the Geissele’s break is preferable to me.

    I run an Geissele SSF in my work SBR’d auto-dispenser ...

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