Who: This class is designed for and restricted to firearms instructors, range officers, and gun store or range management and employees.

What: Emergency Range Response by Lone Star Medics

Course Brief: This course will prepare you and your range for emergency medical incidents. In class, students learn how to identify and treat common injuries/illnesses related to the shooting sports while out on the range. Everything from minor burns to gunshot wounds, to heat/cold related injuries, to foreign objects in the eyes, and other general medical emergencies will be covered. Not only will students learn how to identify and treat life threatening injuries; but also how to implement range SOPs dealing with those and other related injuries. It doesn't matter if your range is indoor, outdoor, in the city, or out in the country; we'll teach you different options to take back to the range so you can create your own SOP's and be prepared. This class is equally balanced in both administrative and actual medical skills.

Course Date/Time: Mon September 16 9:00am - 6:00pm
Location: Okeechobee County - We'll be using a large indoor air-conditioned civic center. Exact address and directions will be provided in your confirmation email.
Lodging: $84/night at Hampton Inn Okeechobee
Course Fee: $275 Includes Lunch

About the Instructor: Caleb Causey has been involved in tactical medicine for over 15 years. Caleb served his country as a Combat Medic in the United States Army. He was stationed in Europe and participated in multiple deployments throughout his active duty service. He continued his medical career as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT with the Benbrook Fire Dept. and was selected by the Benbrook Police Dept. as their SWAT Medic for six years. He has been a guest speaker & presenter at several conferences and worked with many well-known training organizations such as: Rangemaster "Tactical Conference", Personal Defense Network, A Girl and A Gun Annual Training Conference, Tactical Medical Solutions Associate Trainers Program, Bleeding Control.org (Stop The Bleed), and Tac Pro Shooting Center.

This is a Special Event Course Offering, and is expected to Sell Out Quickly. Book Now to Avoid Missing the Opportunity.