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Thread: Best drills for testing different optic speed?

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    OP, have you ever shot the "Baer Standards Drill"? It's a straight forward drill and the target is on 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. 13 rd drill, requiring faster shooting at a larger target and then precision shooting at a small target and can be run from really any distance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironman8 View Post
    Agree on the NX8! With the footprint and weight factor, Iím ok with a little less forgiving eyebox.

    That said, I still have an H2 on my house gun but have been recently considering going with another NX8. Have you gone full LPVO even for dedicated house guns?
    I cant go anything but RDS for house gun. But I own and love the NX8, it sits an a SR15 currently. Id like to own about 3 more though. Im all about an ACOG, but the NX8 kinda replaces the ACOG, I still run them because I cant afford a bunch of NX8's.

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    i don't know anything about competition shooting and don't care about it. I am concerned with self defense and facing multiple shooters at varying distances 7-100 yards, primarily. I have tested four types of sights, mil spec irons, Ultradyne, Sig Romero 3 and Primary Arms 2.5x prism. "Speed" to me also means speed at acquiring a relatively unknown target, not just toggling between known two paper targets at 20 yards like a machine. I have even tested the mil spec peep vs. the ghost ring out to 100 yards.

    Method: Comparing two sights means two colors of balloons. Each balloon is taped at the end and to a bush, tree branch, log, etc. along with the other color of balloon a yard or so away. Ten to twenty balloons of each color are used and spread out in a semi circle at varying distances. You begin with one optic and one color balloon and move to the next to the next as fast as possible. A miss is a miss and just takes up more time since you have to hit the balloon to move on. Actually, a timer is not necessary as the differences are so apparent.

    This works for any optic or sight. I have reported the actual differences before and it just pisses you guys off so I will omit this for now.
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    Best drills for testing different optic speed?


    Iíve been going through the same transition to LPVO. Very pleased with my progress and results.

    My split times are not slower and my accuracy is improving.

    Some of the more effective drills Iíve been using for my transition include:

    Vickers Triple 5
    VTAC 1-5 drill
    1/2 1/2 drill
    18 drill
    50 yd head shots IPSC target, low or high ready with 3 second par.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertTheTexan View Post
    I have had no issues running LPVOís. Especially on anything 12.5 or longer and really like my XTRII 1-8 on my Noveske, 14.5, in part because the broken reticle in the XTR is similar to my EOTech ring and also the range it gives me over other options. Iíve ran 1-4ís and 6ís on my 12Ē LaRueís 12.5 DDís and I like that setup.. That said I still prefer an EOTech on my dedicated CQB guns. The exception is my PDW which has an RMR in a LaRue Iron Dot mount. Either path you take doc is dead on the money. You have to train, train, and train. It takes training to flesh out strengths and weaknesses and train out if possible and it also takes a good optic.
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    Great idea Euro!

    I am also interested in similar drills as I want to compare/test the waters with a RDS and an Leupold Mk6 I have waiting at the house.

    sub'd to thread for more details.

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    I have also been one of the earlier adopters of the LPVO. I was very involved in both writing the policy and lesson plan, but also compiling the list of approved optics for my department. In that capacity I have used many of the LPVO on the market. Both FFP and SFP. Two drills that I use have already been mentioned, but I think they are VERY good. Those are 1) 1-5 drill. 2) 1/2 and 1/2 drill. That drill is all about recoil control and ďdriving the dotĒ back on target. I had a blast shooting that drill with Jack Leuba from KAC. We were in a Dual Role Carbine class, and I was shooting my KAC ACC with my T2 in a 45* offset mount. Thatís an awesome drill to tell you how well you can run any rifle up close, but ESPECIALLY a .308.
    Had to run my 45* offset because my main glass was a 3-20 S&B.
    I also think the El Pres is a fantastic drill. Between these drills, run several times each, and times averaged, you can really get an idea of where you are.
    I can tell you that for me, itís no contest, Iím all about that LPVO life. Get one that is super bright, ie: the NF NX8 or ATACR, or the Burris XTR 1-8 if I remember correctly was pretty bright, and youíre all set. I didnít find the transition to be particularly tough. Maybe the difference was that I have shot Aimpoint for YEARS, so a LPVO is just a longer tubed Aimpoint. Maybe a person that was used to an EoTech would have a different take on it. Thinking about it, that might really have some merit: shooters transitioning from an Aimpoint vs transitioning from an EoTech. Not sure.....

    Anyway, I love the LPVO, and I see the market getting nothing but better, and I see this trend continuing for a bit. I have been saying.... itís a GREAT time to be a shooter right now. We are in a new Golden Age.

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