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Thread: Beretta 1301 Comp vs. Stoeger M3K FS

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    Beretta 1301 Comp vs. Stoeger M3K FS

    Hey, been lurking for a while but finally here to make a post, hopefully in the right spot. Anyway, mainly just looking for opinions on a purchase I already made.

    I've been recently trying to get into 3 gun lately and have just stuck with my Remington 870 Express and have finally decided it's time to get a new competition semi auto.

    Most suggestions I have been seeing are all for the Stoeger M3k as it is relatively inexpensive, well liked, and practically ready out of the box. Locally, I can have a shop order one for me at $600.

    However, I recently found someone selling a Beretta 1301 Comp with 21" barrel online. It comes with a Briley choke, match saver, Nordic tube coupler, +5 mag extension, and follower. Seller realized it was hard to get into 3 gun in his area and so the shotgun only has 100 shells through it, with no experience on it besides an indoor range. Price is at $800.

    I ended up getting the Beretta 1301. Unfortunately, no local shops around me carry any competition shotguns besides Benelli M2's which is out of my price range. So only having handled a standard Stoeger M3000, I made the decision without knowing which one felt more fit to me. I also feel like I would have preferred the 24" barrel, but with no experience with either barrel length or shotgun, I have no idea.

    Did I make the right decision to get the Beretta? Sorry if it's a dumb question or if the answer is a of course it is or isn't type thing. Might just be overthinking the purchase but just trying to get all the validation I can get on this one.


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    The 1301 is a solid shotgun and the 21" barrel will get the job done.

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    How light of a load will these guns run on?
    1oz at 1100 fps too light?

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    You got a great deal on that Beretta and I think it is the better gun, personally. The 1301 will digest anything you feed it, from the lightest target load to the heaviest slug


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