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Thread: At Home Laser Based Training for Hand Gun

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    At Home Laser Based Training for Hand Gun

    I thought we had some threads on handgun training based on lasers that you can do at home- but I'm not finding them? I really need to work on my handgun skills- especially at speed. What are the best systems- especially on trigger pull and sight re-acquisition.
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    A brief look at my background in dry-fire and simulation training: I was placed in charge of our academy's simulator program when we bought our first simulator in 1981. I was still running the program in 2016, when I retired. Over 30+ years I think I learned a lot about using simulators to teach both marksmanship and decision making.

    My belief is the LASR system is great for home training - you need the app, a computer, a webcam, and targets. http://lasrapp.com/

    In my opinion, the first downfall with such systems is the lack of triggers that accurately mimic the actual second shot press of the pistol being used Most of the copies of the Glock 17T/R trigger group might give you a good from the holster first shot press, but the second press is going to be the same press, which ain't really true to the 'glock safe action.'

    The second downfall is the lack of recoil. Let me enlarge on, and somewhat qualify that statement. During his Reactive Pistol Shooting Course, Bill Rogers made the comment that the easiest way to tech someone to shoot was with a .22, ideally a suppressed .22. I agree, the reduced recoil and sound make learning the nuances of whatever marksmanship endeavor you are trying to teach easier for the beginning student.

    IMO, there comes a point where learning plateaus without representative recoil and sound pressure. Sure, if you are practicing driving the pistol to the target from the holster, and first round press, you can really build some skill w/o recoil. But unless your pistol accurately mimics the second - and subsequent - round press, you aren't really learning as much as you could be learning.

    For that reason I think that the Dvorak Recoil System is state of the art for serious shooters. https://www.dvorakinstruments.com/ With this system you use your pistol. The Dvorak recoil system is the basis for the recoiling pistols used by all the major force simulator manufacturers. With minimal maintenance they are stone cold reliable. These are the recoil systems I have the most experience with.

    Another, less costly, recoil-based pistol would be the laser-ammo air-soft conversions - http://store.laser-ammo.com/airsoft/...ning-guns.html - I've used these but not recently, and not enough to really have an opinion as to durability.

    Bottom line, IMO, the LASR app, and a recoiling pistol.
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