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Thread: Prices of .223 brass -- ouch!

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    Prices of .223 brass -- ouch!

    I was in Academy sporting goods store today. They are now carrying a very limited selection of reloading tools and components.

    They wanted $35 for 100 new R-P .223 unprimed cases. That's 35 cents per round. I could walk 12 feet away and pay the same price for one of those cases with a bullet, powder and primer in it.

    And I seem to also remember a bag of 250 fired unprimed cases for $43. They were sized, decapped and trimmed, but still.

    And this is for a caliber you can pick up by the pound at a range.


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    I typically buy it from a scrapper locally for the per pound price. Last time I gave him $35 for 5,000.

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    I remember when I used to purchase once fired 5.56 for a about 8 cents each. I haven't purchased 5.56 brass in at least 4 years. Since we have been in salad times people just leave their brass on the ground at my club, now Im up to my ears in it, 5.56, 9mm, 45, 40. I had probably close to 10K 5.56 cases but I just loaded up about 6K of them.


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