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Thread: Optic for AR for HD and Hunting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpmuscle View Post
    You don’t put much value on your life then eh?

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    Holy f’n autocorrect. I would NOT bet my life on a PA optic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
    Those can all be potential downsides but not if youíve trained with the optic IMO. My wifeís gun wears an Aimpoint for all of those reasons. But, Iím familiar enough with my Razor that I donít foresee any issues with those things and it has one huge thing that an Aimpoint doesnít - an etched reticle. Iíve picked up my wifeís gun at least twice and the dot wasnít there so it was useless. Thatíll never be the case with my LPVO.

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    That's why I choose my Kahles K16i over my Aimpoints, on 1x, where I leave it, it's just as fast.
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    Acog Ta44 ACSS....you cant change my mind! I run a T2, MRO, Eotech EXPS3, RMR, on various HD SBR stuff and for whatever reason the Ta44 ACSS is just a perfect optic for HD and beyond. The 1.5 fixed is what I like (some dont) and enjoy the ACSS reticle for easy shots beyond

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    Great thing about living in a golden age of firearms / accessories - people are free to choose what works for them, regardless of others opinions.
    - Rhino

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