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Agree with Arik, do you think your ammo will be available during any panic/unknown event?

If not then I’d buy as much as you can reasonably afford.
This gun would not be in my SHTF fantasy world so im not necessarily concerned with stocking a ton of ammo for it. Ive got tons of 9mm for that.

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Firstly, I love the buffalo bore 158gr gold dots for my 357 ruger gp 100 and even more so for my Marlin 1894c.
Do you have or plan to get a lever gun to match the cal of your wheel gun? If so, I can tell you from first hand experience the fun of shooting those big rounds improves a lot from a lever gun. You’ll need more ammo. If not, then two boxes of buffalo bore will do. A handful of same weighted cheap bullets for practicing/plinking would be nice to keep as well.

I also have a 44 lever gun, but I don’t like the buffalo bores for it. It likes the 225gr leverevolutions the most, so I have 10 boxes of those on hand. But I plink and play and even hunt with it. It’s not a “just in case” hiking sidearm. YMMV.
Ive got a 45/70 lever gun.

I dont THINK I would want a lever gun in this caliber...and if I did, this particular 44mag load would not be what I would run anyway. I would go much heavier and harder hitting.