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Thread: Colt CAR-15 XM177 E2

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowprone View Post
    Switzerland seems to be the exception when firearms are referenced .
    So I saw some cool stuff in the German gun stores but I was also amazed by what they weren't allowed to own. There was some civie G3 thing on display that the Germans were allowed to buy and it was a bunch of crap, I remember thinking it was BS compared to the 91 I owned at the time in 1985.
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    Chuck, we miss ya man.


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    Quote Originally Posted by OLIAR15 View Post
    I will have to measure that (we donít have SBR restrictions here).
    Have you had a chance to measure the overall length of the barrel to the outer tip of the moderator? I know it's been two years since that original post


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    Then started to manufacture their own stuff.
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