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Thread: Hookworms vs. The southern states article

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    Hookworms vs. The southern states article

    Interesting article on it's own and I think it would be of even more interest to anyone who has read "Our Southern Highlanders" by Horace Kephart** since he describes the malnutrition and what appeared to be laziness in detail.

    ** on Kephart, for those who haven't read Highlanders and his other books(think most are 1900 to 1930), I think most here would find it worth their time since his areas of interest mirrored many of ours. Some info is dated (first aid and dentistry for sure), but other topics such as general history, bushcraft, societal issues, individual freedom vs. the state, and several other items still have at least a few gems relative to today. In his "Sporting Firearms", the section extolling the virtues of modern scoped(I assume a Warner & Swasey, the superiority of aperture receiver sights over others, and while detailing the positives and negatives of front sight styles and materials at the time posed the need statement "If a luminous chemical can be found that will stand the weather, it might be better still for a facing."
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