Defensive Carbine .5 12 October 2019 Mooresboro NC

The Defensive Carbine.5 course is designed to teach shooters carbine marksmanship fundamentals and functional gun handling skills during this is a one day, 8 hour class. The material is drawn from proven techniques used in military, law enforcement, and competition environments. Topics covered include: proper zeroing techniques, target engagement areas, standing/kneeling/prone shooting positions, malfunction clearance, emergency reload procedures, and bore-sight relationship.

This course will be taught at the Tactical Farm facility in Mooresboro NC

The following principles will be strongly reinforced throughout the course:

Know and adhere to the real world safety rules that govern professional firearms handling.

Only accurate hits on target can decide the fight in your favor therefore accuracy is King.

You are accountable for every round you fire press the trigger as if your life depends on it because it does.

Instructor: Chris ( Bio -

Class Date: 12 October 2019

Location: Mooresboro, NC

Class Duration: 8 hours class starts at 0900

Cost: $175

Equipment Requirements:

Students will need:

1 semi-auto carbine (AR15, AK variant, Mini-14, 10-22, etc) with a Minimum of 3 Magazines (.22LR and pistol caliber carbines are acceptable)
A method of carrying 2 spare magazines on the firing line
500 Rounds of Ammunition
Pen/Pencil and Paper
Ear and Eye Protection

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Online registration is available at the following link: