I bought this shotty in April 2016 off of Gunbroker. My goal was to teach myself to shoot skeet. I am a Remington Armorer, and have been around the 870 since the late 80s... I figured the platforms are very similar....I could address any potential issues. When I got it, it was in very nice condition but the gas system needed a new O-ring (I bought 3). I gave it a good cleaning. Since it was a used piece... I wanted to test it out before I joined any skeet club. I had about 70 loose bird shot rounds of various manufactures.

Funny story- I was by myself shooting this 1100 for the first time and I kept missing. I could not break a clay to save my life for about 60 rounds. In between rounds fired.... I made sure the barrel wasn't bent or something was causing the pattern to go astray. For years, we shot police 18" IC 870s and would have fun days shooting skeet. I would get my hits, but I had no real practice. After about 60 rounds of frustration it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was giving it too much lead as I would with the 18" police 870s. I decided to aim/track tighter to the "in air" clay disk. Every shot was a hit after that. I was pissed at myself for not catching that sooner and when I ran out of shells, I wanted to continue because of my new found success.

Anyway, I cleaned it and put it away till I joined a skeet club. Well here it is, way past 3 years and I have not shot this 1100 anymore. I am more of a handgunner and hope a 1100er looking for a nice piece can pick this up.

The specs, 12 gauge, light 28" vent rib barrel with (twin beads) a white front sight, polished blued receiver, high gloss walnut stock with checkering, gold plated trigger, 4 extended chokes (Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified and Modified). Very nice condition with some minor handling marks. The forend has a crack (see pic) but there is a metal sleeve inside the wood which I believe is keeping the piece from breaking off.

It did not come with a case..... I did some research back in 2016 and found that Benelli cases will work with 1100 shotty. I bought one off of Ebay and with some slight heat mods....Remelli Case and it works good. Comes with two extra gas o-rings, spare shell latch, shell catcher that I never used, 4 chokes, and printed Rem 1100 parts list.

$725 shipped US CONT ONLY
PM for payment details

I can take better pics for those who are interested.