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Thread: Chest Rig Suggestions

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    Yeah I'm not a fan of most of their nylon but the bags are surprisingly good. I've had several for years, mainly because of their storage capability/organization and I think my Rush 24 is the single most used piece of kit I have.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_War_Wagon View Post
    I tried the 5.11 vest in a class once, since I'm an urban commando, and can wear it as a "grey man" in my work. The mag pouches, with one (1) 30rd. AR mag in each of them, kept spilling out on the deck the whole time.

    I wouldn't trust one of their ballcaps not to explode at this point...
    Had one of their ball caps cause I liked the crosshair embroidery. Dye faded out like crazy from sweat. I have plenty of other hats that retain their color.

    And no one has offered up esstac's versions. The kiwi's are very popular and I have their 4 mag vest with molle on the front to run extra mags. I use it in 5k run and guns. Don't know how those guy and gals can stand mags bouncing around and twisting on the hips the whole time.
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