These are a revolutionary design in tabletop knife display furniture. They feature high-quality exotic wood bases with a full 360 degree view top made from precision crafted clear acrylic removable dust covers. The hangers are designed to offer multiple blade angle positioning and are independently movable, allowing for virtually any angle of adjustment and presentation. They are magnetically fixed with floating 5lb pull neodymium magnets and will securely hold any knife in the optimal display angle. Perfect for home or knife show display, these will ensure that your displayed knives are clean, dust free and secure. They make a great tabletop presentation piece and will showcase your collectible cutlery like nothing else can. These displays come complete with wood base, acrylic top and (2) magnetic hanger assemblies. They are handcrafted in the USA and are very precise and high-quality.

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Available in 3 sizes

18 x 4 x 4.75
12 x 4 x 4.75
9.25 x 4 x 4.75