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Thread: OKAY Mags Regular vs E2? What is E2? Best place to buy OKAY or NHTMG or Colt mags?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3ACR_Scout View Post
    Botach used to sell Okay magazines that they described as “bulk” or “loose” GI magazines (I forget what the exact term was). They were GI surplus Okay mags with the MILSPEC mint green follower, from before the Surefeed brand name was introduced to the commercial market. I think they just had a bunch left over from somewhere. For a while, they were still selling both types of Okays, but the surplus ones sold out a year or two ago.

    The new “MILSPEC” Okay mags are kind of odd. They have 2013 stamped bodies with the old (original) Okay logo on them, like military mags, but they have baseplates with the new Surefeed logo on them, Magpul followers, and come in the Surefeed bag with the orange cardboard backing that says “MILSPEC” on the label. It looks like Okay had a bunch of GI magazine bodies left over, maybe from a government contract overrun or something, and they decided to finish them with their commercial market parts and sell them as a pseudo GI / MILSPEC variant.

    The ones I just ordered have a date stamp of 7-13 on them. So yes I'd assume Okay has a ton of bodies stashed and put together a mag for the civie market.

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    My last bulk purchase (a few years ago) standard surefeed date code 8/15 gray follower. I love 'em!
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    Here is one of from my latest batch of Okay mags from Botach.Mag-I.jpg Mag-II.jpgMag-3.jpgMag-4.jpg
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