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Thread: Walmart

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    Quote Originally Posted by platoonDaddy View Post
    Holy bat shit, NASCAR WAS as American as Apple Pie, now they are following the Pied Piper of anti-2A preachers!
    They were always turning left.
    E pluribus unum

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    I was thinking, we should get every gun owner we can in America to buy 1 share of Walmart. And then create a non-profit "investment" vehicle and get every gun owner we can to donate enough to buy a buttload of Walmart shares in this investment vehicle. Then we can put forth resolutions at the stockholder meetings, and maybe get enough to get a seat on the board. Then you can start stirring up the cr*p.

    Unfortunately, this is a pipe dream. We could never get enough gun owners to buy in either on individual shares or in the investment vehicle, and with the current share price and number of outstanding shares, the numbers are too big.

    But the idea is sound in theory -- force yourself onto the public stage and confront them on the public stage of their shareholder meetings. Expose the emperor for who he is and what he is wearing.
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