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Thread: 2,158-Yard Shot, Sets New ELR World Record

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    Note the placement of the trigger finger. He is also offset behind the rifle, not with his spine parallel to the bore axis.

    Darn good shooting.
    Train 2 Win

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurodriver View Post
    I swear every range says their wind conditions are unlike anywhere else in the world and itís so tough and blah blah blah. This happens even on a flat 10 mile wide cow pasture in central FL.

    East coast is pretty tame.

    The worst wind Iíve ever seen was in Hawaii on the KBay range. It gets a consistent year round 10-20mph wind from the 2:00 but the mountain curves from the left lateral limit to right behind the range. It creates a swirl and I swear to you the wind at the firing line will be a 9:00 wind and the wind at the 500y line will be a 1:00 value wind. Two opposite directions.
    A few of the spots I shoot at out in the desert have hills or mountain on multiple sides and the winds seems to sweep in off the hills and create swirl. The worst part is the variability like you mentioned. It becomes a game of cat and mouse with your wind reads. Hold a mil, no wait the wind tapered off, let me hold a half mil.... ad nauseam. Iíve seen Markm and Pappabear mention the same where they shoot in AZ. Adds to the fun tho.

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