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Thread: Why are rubber training guns so stupid expensive?

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    Not sure why there's a need to fill the upper.

    It may be useful to have a working BCG for maintenance training.

    Welding the chamber may not be required either.

    The barrel could be cross drilled just in front of the extension and a pin driven in.

    This would positively prevent a round from being chambered.
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    I am drawing a blank on the product name, but don't one of the Israeli companies make a gadget that drops in the barrel, can take something like 4 or 5? 5.56 rounds, and has a bright colored part sticking out the muzzle to indicate plugged/neutered status?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Esq. View Post
    I'm wanting to buy a "blue gun", rifle, for training. I have several "handguns". Cheapest full size "blue gun" rifle I have found is over $150! That seems stupid expensive to me. I can buy REAL guns for that kind of money. What I may end up doing is putting together an AR out of out of spec parts, shot out barrel and I bet I can do it for less than that.....Thoughts or leads appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Esq. View Post
    Now everyone should know why I posted this here! That is what I will do! I was looking for feedback and suggestions and yours wins the Cigar! The primary purpose was going to be CQB work- disarms etc....but if I can do manipulations etc...with the rifle that makes it even more useful. Thanks!
    Thank you right back, at least one useful thing I did for the day!
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