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Thread: Shooting habits that bug you

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshNC View Post
    Unsafe firearm handling.
    I'd say that this and people not policing their brass/hulls. I'm a member at a private club, and for the most part all of our people are fantastic about stuff. There's always gotta be one or two outliers that can't help themselves. Hulls on the trap range are the worst, just because people have got to go place their guns on the rack and somehow forget that they left 25 hulls on the ground out at the stations.
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    People with poor muzzle discipline bug me. As long as you don't flag someone else on the range with your muzzle, nothing else matters much to me and I'll keep to myself.
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    watching people not follow through and grab a second sight picture. You know the guys that snatch their pistols or rifles back to their chests or low ready? Its an epidemic.

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