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Thread: Bringing my patrol rifle into the 21st Century

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    A nice 3x magnifier will really help hits at 100, especially getting them where you want them. I have both the original Vortex 3x and the Aimpoint 3X C version and they work well. I like the factory Aimpoint mount better, as it flips easily and removes faster, but the eye relief on the Vortex seems a tad better - in the same position on carbines I have to slide my head forward to get a full view or move the Aimpoint 3x back a slot on the rifle.
    - Rhino

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximus83 View Post
    Good info--thanks.

    Do you know the rationale for not letting you use LPVO's? Is it mainly just 'proven reliability', or is the cost a factor? Seems like, for your use cases, a 1-6 LPVO would be ideal, except it would jack up your weight (and cost) quite a bit.
    There are two prevailing theories as to why we don't have LPVO's for patrol use:

    1) Cops are not gun guys, and the ones that are, may not be quality gear guys. Lots of money, time, and training must go into using an LPVO efficiently, and most cops are not going to do any of that.

    2) Scopes make guns look like "sniper rifles" which will scare the townfolk. We cant have any color on our guns other than black so as not to appear militaristic.

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    Based on everything said in this thread, I like your department.

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