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Thread: Gold Standard for General Purpose Carbine Light?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defaultmp3 View Post
    Not really, mad throw can easily be used to bounce the light around in a room to get good illumination; it's the medium distances where a hard focus on throw can suffer, since the area will be too large to bounce light to get illumination, while not having enough spill to directly illuminate either.
    So you'd go for the Modlite instead, then?

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    Modlite makes two distinctly different heads. The 1500 lumen one has significantly more spill, and roughly 1/2 the candela as the 680 lumen thrower.

    It doesn't matter whether the target is 20 or 120 yards away, lots of spill is a good thing.

    I'd personally prefer a Modlite head that splits the difference, with ~1000 lumens and ~35-45K candela.
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