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They made a couple big leaps in the last 20 years but the most important thing is prices never really go down. That's what makes them different from stock, gold and most other investments. There is a finite number that is exceeded by demand and every year that finite number gets a bit smaller from accidental destruction, confiscation or something else.

There was a big deal NFA dealer named J. Curtiss Earl who passed away a few years ago and his collection became a museum. That meant literally hundreds of transferable machine guns, some very, very rare, suddenly were effectively removed from the NFA registry as no private citizen will ever own any of them ever again.

There was another even worse incident where a large inventory NFA dealer died and his wife called ATF and said "come get them." Didn't matter to her that she was literally turning over millions of dollars, she hated guns and already was getting a few million dollars.

Then there are dealers who have stuff where only a dozen known examples exist on the registry and they will never sell them in their lifetime and there is a good chance the items will never be Form 5 transferred when they pass away.

Give it a couple more generations and owning an actual M-16 will be more unusual and expensive than a new Ferrari.
That's right up there with con artist thieves who take hardtop Daytonas and chop them to fake Spyders. Almost tragic in scope.