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Thread: Hilton Yam's first impressions of the STI Staccato P (video)

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    Quote Originally Posted by KTR03 View Post
    I am a Glock armorer. I don't know how many 9mm Glocks I have - but I inspected 4 G19s that are in go bags, preparation for our "snowmegeddon". There are a bunch of 17s in the safe, a 43 in my coat and several subs that take Glocks mags... Not bragging, just stating how invested I am in these. Having said all that, I am carrying a stacatto P duo with a 508t. I have a c2 and an XC on order. I have 20 mags and counting. Getting me to relegate an entire system to backup and reorient my pistol shooting to a vastly more expensive system says a lot.

    My stacatto P is simply the best 9mm duty type pistol I have shot. Soft shooting with 147s - weirdly soft. Accurate (25 round 3 inch group at 15 yards shooting fast and a 2 inch group of a rest with the 508t. They are better than my memory of a Sig210, but can't do a side by side comparison.
    Thanks for sharing this. I have been wanting a 2011 for quite awhile but never really took the dive...this one I think finally changes that. I have several 1911’s and several G19’s, I love the combination of both in a reliable soft shooting gun. This will be on the 2020 list to get for sure. What is holster availability like at this point?

    ETA: Just noticed that discontinued the 2019 model....not a fan of the bomar style rear sight...
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    STI had a town hall-type thing with some USMS SOG guys at SHOT...

    In USMS SOG's testing, the STI pistols went through 126,000 rounds of Hornady Critical Duty 135-gr +P with zero malfunctions. I don't know how many pistols that was, but that's a lot of boolits.

    Also: USMS SOG is apparently going to ramp up the difficulty of their pistol quals, on account of their STIs making their current qual course too easy.
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