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Thread: Cutting sugar for 24 hours & competing with your spouse when it comes to food!

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    You could also look at Swerve and the other sweeteners that use the “sugar alcohols”—these don’t seem to spike insulin like regular sugar.

    My wife and I have cut most sugar out of our diets and we sleep better, feel better and are still not wanting. For my coffee, I put about 1/4 TSP of ground cinnamon and 1TBSP heavy cream in. Sweet, but not sugary sweet. I love it.

    Congrats on your progress!

    I wouldn’t stay overweight as a just in case. Find you target weight and go for that—really what makes you feel good while keeping healthy blood/cholesterol/etc numbers.

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    I did switch some of my creamer over to stevia (and, wow, that is strong stuff).

    So glad to report that I have lost 11 pounds and am only above my norm weight by 4 pounds (which my father wants me to keep for a 'buffer' if I get sick).

    That begs the question: should we stay purposely over weight by 5 pounds in case of surgery or procedure?
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    Update: Finally was willing to fast sugar in hopes it would fix some muscle problems I was having. Was off it for about 10 days--had a horrible headache for the first 3. Keeping it well under 24 grams a day and replaced most with Stevia--if at all.

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