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Thread: Wilson's 300 HAM'R

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWilson View Post
    The round is ideal for personal defense and/or LE use especially since you can't justify shooting at someone attacking you from long range and most LE use is under 100yds. With over 30 bullets of 95-150gr to choose from there is a bullet for every application. You can have rapid expansion with low penetration or 100% weight retention and deep penetration or something in between. There are several WC videos on Youtube that show terminal performance on anything from watermelon to shooting through car window glass.

    Plus features over the calibers you mentioned are:

    No loss of magazine capacity (not so for 6.5 or 6.8)
    Huge choice of bullet type and weight (95-150gr)
    Compare for example: A .30cal bullet of 110gr/2700fps, 125gr/2525fps or 150gr bullet at 2300fps to the other calibers
    Mild recoil, the heaviest 300 loads are comparable to the 6.8
    Which would you rather have if faced with a drug crazed threat? .224" dia 77gr at 2700fps or 308" dia 110gr at 2700fps


    Doesn't shoot as flat as a heavy bullet 5.56 or the 6.5G (not really a factor for defense or LE use)
    Not designed for subsonic loads (this only compares to the Blackout and is of NO interest to me personally)
    Ammo not widely available (you will see this change early next year)
    Personal focus is as you say in bold, 100 yards and under. If the terminal ballistics is superior to 300blk, 6.8, or 5.56, fired from an AR platform with low recoil, it sounds like a real promising rnd for SD/HM and real world distances a civi might find themselves. I rarely pay any attention to latest greatest niche loads, but this one sounds really interesting. I hope it catches on.

    The CC rnd sounds like an excellent SD/HD rnd no?
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    I have never been an AR fan. My stepson built me a 5.56 bout 3 years ago, I worked with it (loads) and found a load that I called good ( for my use). I saw some posts about the 300 Ham'r and was interested. The round reminded me of the 7 TCU , a 223 case necked up to the 7mm bullets. This was used primarily in the IMSSA competition, with targets out to 200 meters or 200 yds. for pistols with iron sights ONLY. If you hit the target & it didn't fall, you had missed as far as score went. The ram at the 200 yds was always the hardest to put down, weight was approx. 70 lbs.
    With the 300 Ham'r I saw a very similar cartridge plus in a rifle configuration. I decided to purchase an upper and put it on my AR lower. I am glad I did!!! It is a sweet shooting combination and I hope to take down several deer this coming week in Ark. with it. Mild recoil and 250 yds range and that is about max in my neck of the woods (NE Texas), Inexpensive to load but the one negative I have found is loss of brass in the actual hunting world. Hope that will be solved when the bolt guns hit the market. I hope it is very soon, I want one NOW. BTW Bill Wilson is the no BS type person, You can write it on the wall when he says something about firearms (his or anyone else's).
    Find someone that has a 300 Ham'r and give it a try, like Lays potato chips, I bet you can't do it just one time.

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