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Thread: Anyone tried the TLR VIR II?

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    Anyone tried the TLR VIR II?

    Has anyone tried this unit on a carbine? I'm in the market for a lightweight, affordable LAM for short-range use and the VIR II looks like a potential good fit. The 3 MRAD adjustment just doesn't give me the warm fuzzies, ~11" at 100yds per click is concerning.

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    Review coming but...... it's AWESOME

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    Its a good pistol light or CQB option but wouldn't be my first choice for a carbine as it lack some ass for distance. The IR illuminator has a lot of spill and is pretty smooth overall. Switching and or activation might also be an issue on the carbine seeing there is currently no pressure pad or tape switch available. The white light is fair at best and IMO again better suited for realistic pistol distances but then again I am a Surefire fan who wants all the lumens and candella.

    I purchased mine solely for a pistol application and overall am happy considering the price and holster compatibility. Would have been nice to have had the option to independently run the IR laser and IR illuminator but you get both at once.


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