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Thread: A1 Upper or nah?

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    Question A1 Upper or nah?

    I'm in love with XM177E1 uppers, and I exclusively shoot irons. (i know, i know. I have taken them though many classes, shoothouses, VCQB, FOF an I still love them.)
    I am renting, so I am using a highly modified PSA 10.5 pistol upper on a folding lower. I have taken this gun through competition, and aforementioned courses with no issue.

    My question is this, should I switch out the upper for a retro upper, LuthAr A1/C7 upper w/ M4 feedramps, or keep it as is with regards to aesthetics?

    Will an A1 upper look like a modernized XM177e1, or will it look like a complete abortion? I know there are purists on both sides, and im just interested to see what you guys think. A part of me likes the way it looks now, and a part of me wants an old school retro upper.

    10.5 PSA Upper and Barrel
    Colt handguards
    IWC mount n slot with scout mount SF 600DF
    BRT custom gas port gas tube (ejection 3:30 in summer-4:00 in extreme michigan winter)
    LMT Enhanced carrier w/ milspec bolt (hopefully chrome bolt in the future)
    A1 muzzle device (soon to be replaced by YHM 5.56 QD brake and Turbo suppressor)
    bcm gunfighter mod 3 charging handle
    DDA1.5 rear sight
    Compass lake match front sight

    Aero precision Lower
    geissele ssa
    geissele maritime bolt catch
    boonie packer magazine catch
    forward controls magazine release button
    Vltor A5H0 (A5H2/3 for suppressed) w green spring
    KAC ambi safety
    SBa3 Brace
    Law tactical folder gen 3M
    2a Armament LW pivot pins
    BCM gunfighter grip


    Thanks for your time and your opinion, I'll be getting back to you guys as I can since the next few days I'm packing up a truck and relocating (driving 3-4 days) to the great state of Texas.

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    If you really want the XM "look" and you are sure you are going to be happy with an irons-only gun, I say go for it if you want to put an A1 style upper on it.
    I might recommend against it if it's your only AR, as you may change your mind down the road and want to try optics, but then again, worst case scenario you can just take it all apart and go back to the flat top.
    If you want to be *really* correct, I'd get an A1 upper without the brass deflector, as the XM177s predated the the C7 style upper receiver by like a couple decades. Fulton Armory has the actual *A1* without the deflector with M4 ramps. However since I get the impression this is more of an XM177 homage you are going for, a C7 style upper is fine.
    With some of your other parts you are using, nobody will mistake it for an XM *clone*, but it will have a Retro flavor to it.

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    Ask yourself what you gain from adding an A1 upper. If ypu gain anything woeth while then do it. If not then don't. That being said, if you like the look and feel of it then just do it for that reason. Is the change for form or function?
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    If you are looking to do a Model 609/XM177E1, here is what you need to know.

    The XM177E1 used a Model 603/M16A1 upper receiver (no Brunton Bump/brass deflector). Also, the XM177E1 used a 10" barrel, not a 10.5", and a 4.5" moderator. Judging from your list of parts, you would have nothing close to the XM177E1. What you would be building would be a retro-inspired AR pistol with a C7 type upper receiver.
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    There, I made it unanimous.

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    I didn't vote. I have an A1 upper w/o defector with a 14.5 skinny barrel, A1 style handguards for a retro match I was keen on shooting but didn't get to attend. I still like it and it has it's place but I use my flattop with DDA1.5 rear irons more. IMO if it's irons you want the DD rear is the way to go with a flattop upper. I'm saving up for a Trijicon 1.5 ACOG that may find it's way up there or it may go on my Colt 16" upper.. We'll see but the flattop gives one options.


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