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Thread: Best Digital Camera Binoculars

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    Best Digital Camera Binoculars

    Hey hunters, I need some help please in choosing a digital binocular for hunting purposes... I did my research and ended up on a review about the GordVE HD binocular... it's out of the top 10 list: Best Digital Camera Binoculars.
    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help!

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    I bought a pair of binoculars for my trip to Kenya this summer, the Canon 10x30 with Image Stabilization. I'd previously used 7x or maybe 8x compact binoculars.

    When the Canons arrived, I took them out in the backyard and was not pleased. I could see the squirrels in the trees ok, but the binoculars were way heavier and bulkier than my old Nikons. And there didn't seem to be that much of a difference in viewing.

    Boy, was I wrong.

    In the bush, the difference became spectacular. Instead of viewing squirrels at 200 feet, I was looking at crocodiles from across a wide river, or cheetah running 500 yards away. or lines of migrating wildebeest miles away. The Image Stabilization made all the difference in the world, and the extra weight and bulk was totally worth it.


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