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    Hey guys. Iíve got a 10 pin version of this radio as Iíve talked about before. I purchased it from Shiqinxi (henceforth S) who has been very helpful (probably more than I would have been if the tables were turned. Lol). I programmed it and us a Silynx Clarus as the PTT/headset. I chose the 10 pin because I already had a U-94 Nexxus 10 pin so I could use that too.

    The problem: In communicating with a buddy who has a 152 that is programmed the same way (we checked and confirmed all the settings), I can transmit and be heard but I canít hear his transmission though the LCD screen registers it when he keys his mic. Hereís the rub, when I remove the headset and reset the speaker and mic of my radio, I can hear his transmission at that point through the radio speaker and I can transmit via the internal radio mic.

    I donít believe the Silynx is the issue because when the radio is on and I connect/disconnect the Silynx I get feedback clicks in my ears. Silynx told me that there are a couple different 10 pin versions but they use connectors for the mainstream version. S says that the 10 pin in the radio is wired according to the official Thales wiring diagram. To me that means that the Silynx should work.

    At his request, I sent a pic of the Silynx to S and he stated he had never seen it and I would have to send it to him to mod so it will work with the radio. He also stated that it should still work on mil spec 10 pin devices.

    My concern: I donít want my shit altered plus Iím concerned he wants to get his hands on it to copy it since he had not seen it before. Iíd sooner have the radio opened and altered but I donít know anyone with the quals to do that.

    The only remedy I know of is to trade it for a 6 pin, start over and dump my U-94 PTT (which I like when I need to use it). I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO SEND MY SILYNX TO CHINA!! Especially given that they love stealing our tech.

    Is there any other remedy to make this work? Thanks in advance!
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