This Malkoff light is *brand new and unused*. It is priced at $150. *shipped*. Payment would be by a USPS or bank money order or by Paypal, (regular or discrete), your call. No further price reduction on this item. I would also consider trading for 13 new in the factory packaging, Magpul Gen 3, 30 rd, black, P-Mags. No other trades are needed. Below are some links with more information on the light.

Black Type III Hard Anodized Malkoff *Cool Tint* (5700K Cree XP-L) Hound Dog 18650 Head with a *Malkoff MDS Crenelated Bezel Ring*

Black Type III Malkoff MD2 Body and a *Tricap* tail cap

One KeepPower protected 18650 (Panasonic NCR18650B Protected Button Top) Battery.

Nitecore Professional Digicharger D2 Battery Charger.