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Thread: Any recommended training in WI

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    Any recommended training in WI

    My sister in law and her husband are looking for some pistol training. They are both very new. Besides a basic NRA CCW class. Can anyone recommend a level one fighting pistol class in SE WI or northern IL?

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    26 (100%) holds classes in WI.

    I am not affiliated.
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    Performance On Demand is in Southern WI (primarily in the Madison area and southwest from there, but they have held them throughout the state).

    I’ve trained with them a few times, and consider them friends (full disclosure), since I know them socially and interact with them through their day jobs. They have solid instructional methodology, are constantly learning and refining, and I’ve seen them work well with students who run the gamut from very experienced to true beginner. Honest, efficient, sound TTPs and principles. There’s no chest thumping, tactical man-camp BS. Most of their classes are run out of the Dane County Sheriffs Office range; very good facility.

    Here’s a review that I put up a few years back:

    Their Facebook says their 2020 schedule is dropping soon; some of their classes can fill quickly. Good pricing too.
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