(Can't decide if this is general or technical … thanks in advance mods)

Looking for recommendations on a, 11.5 Carbine length 5.56 barrel for use heavily with suppressor usage. An A5H2/H3 will be quipped available as needed.

So far I have found:

Triarc TRACK 2.0

For this I am not looking for stainless, specialized gas systems, or non-standard things like threads. This has to be as as close to 'common use' as possible.

I am looking for others that have experience with barrels of this size. I am not a total accuracy snob as the parts in this category will probably shoot well within the needs.

Both of the above 2 have a 6-10 week backorder.

Would appreciate any practical feedback on 11.5" experiences with a suppressor … if you have one would you buy it again or not and why?