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Thread: My New K98

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    Quote Originally Posted by md66948 View Post
    The Cup Butt Plates were used on the Laminated Stocks. The cupping around the end of the stock would stop the stock from de-laminating.
    Congrats on a nice rifle. The cupped butt plates were a time related upgrade, around 1940 for most of the makers. While most stocks from then on were red or white glue laminate, walnut was used from time to time until the end of the war. I have an all matching byf 42 in walnut. Mauser even briefly used elm in 1943, a very beautifully grained stock.

    Please don’t sand the stock or use anything abrasive on the metal. So many nice milsurps have been ruined this way.
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    Do you plan on shooting your new to you Mauser?
    Train 2 Win

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