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Thread: My first build: Aero/Faxon AR10

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    My first build: Aero/Faxon AR10

    Just completed my first AR10 build, and first complete build in general. I may leave something out, but off the top of my head, parts are:

    Faxon 18” heavy match barrel
    JP adjustable GB
    VG6 Gamma brake
    Aero M5 upper and lower
    Aero enhanced 12” Gen2 keymod Handguard (thought I had selected MLok, but oh well, everything else I own is keymod and have never had an issue)
    Aero enhanced style barrel nut
    Harris swivel bipod
    ToolCraft Nickel boron BCG
    Radian Raptor-LT charging handle
    BCM/Schmid Tool FCG
    JP Silent Capture buffer assembly
    BCM buffer tube assembly
    Strike forward assist
    CMMG dust cover
    Magpul MOE grip
    Magpul PRS stock
    Vickers sling.

    I stuck the Aimpoint on it for test firing, but plan on getting a Nikon FX1000 for it (it’s primarily going to be for hunting) and will get some backup iron sights for it as well. I’m also using an Aero bolt catch right now. After buying it, I read several reports of issues with them breaking often, so I’ll be replacing it with a DPMS bolt catch.

    I have to admit, I was a bit nervous shooting my first build, especially a 308/7.62.lol Only got to put 40 rounds through it, but man was it a hell of a lot of fun. Ran flawlessly after one adjustment to the gas block (I had forgot to open it up). Very little felt recoil, which I was actually expecting it to have some kick. This very well may end up becoming one of my favorite rifles. Obviously it’s a bit heavy, but definitely manageable, especially for hunting.

    Overall cost not including the Aimpoint was right around $1,850 (shipping, tax, and FFL fee included). Not the cheapest rifle I own lol, but I only plan on owning one “long range” rifle due to the mountainous/hilly terrain where I live, so I wanted something nice and reliable.

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    Looks good.

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    If you bang out some groups let us know how it does.

    You built it means you'll probably love it.

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    Yo Monkeydo >>>-------> Sweet JOB with Your AR10!

    Plus 1, with 6933 on GROUPS!....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6933 View Post
    If you bang out some groups let us know how it does.

    You built it means you'll probably love it.

    Please do, I’ve been curious about that barrel. I’m a barrel snob but for some reason I’m tempted to try that barrel.


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