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Thread: M16A1 Fire Control Parts

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    M16A1 Fire Control Parts

    I'm looking for original M16A1 fire control small parts.
    Does anyone know of a source?
    Thanks in advance.

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    What specific parts are you looking for? Are these to be used in a semi-auto receiver?
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    Sarco has some of them. Are you looking for new or used?

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    I see them pop up for sale from time to time, but I've always wondered what's the point of owning these parts if you don't have an actual MG? Sounds kinda risky.

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    What exactly are you looking for, used parts that came out of actual M16A1's or just M16 parts? If the latter many sell them, Brownell's and Armsunlimited both sell at least some Colt full auto parts if they are in stock and DPMS and others also sell them for legal use. I can kind of see wanting to get original parts to modify for use in a period correct clone but they will be hard to source. New parts for legal M16's are widely available however from many sources.
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