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Thread: What causes sporadic ejection patterns?

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    What causes sporadic ejection patterns?

    I recently got a PSA 10.5 upper for a super good deal and slapped it on a pistol lower that was running with just a standard buffer and spring. It immediately gave me issues but I think that was due to the surplus colt bolt needing attention. One thing I did notice is the ejection pattern when using wolf steel is that the ejection would go from 1 o’clock to 5 o’clock like it was trying to fertilize my yard. I have a feeling it was the buffer since I swapped to a BCM H2 and I also got the BCM Bolt SOPMOD upgrade kit, now it seems to be at a steady 4 O’clock. But I wish I had done it one at a time, so is this usually a buffer weight issue or bolt extractor tension issue?

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    My suggestion was going to be exactly what you did when I first started reading it.

    Leave them in there and enjoy.

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    My wife has a PSA 10.5. Thing has been rock solid for about 1500 rounds now. I know that isn't a lot but it's something. Standard action spring. H2 buffer. DSArms enhanced BCG. Wolf 55gn .223. UMC 55gn UMC. American Eagle 55gn .223. M193. Hornady Frontier 68gn 5.56. and 68 BTHP Handloads that are similar to the Frontier.
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