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Thread: Surefire SOCOM suppressors on .22LR

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    Surefire SOCOM suppressors on .22LR

    Looking for advice on this...

    I’m in the midst of getting Surefire muzzle devices for most of my uppers/firearms, in preparation for a near term purchase of a Surefire SOCOM suppressor.

    I have a S&W M&P15-22 (unfired due to a grip screw that stripped out...another story), and was considering getting a muzzle device for that, too.

    What are the pros/cons of irregularly using a SOCOM RC2 or Mini on a .22LR firearm? Better phrased... Is there a good reason to avoid this?

    I have considered a dedicated .22LR suppressor, but...would happily avoid if I could match the same suppressor I use with other weapons.
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    Surefire SOCOM suppressors on .22LR

    Well, you can’t clean it so that’s going to be a problem with .22 LR. Just get a dedicated serviceable 22 can.

    Another option would be to build up a DIY can using one of the SF trainers or wardens as the foundation. So if you or you have any machinist inclined friends it may be pretty feasible. DIY baffles, end caps, and spacers are readily available in stainless or titanium. Leave the end cap threaded so you can disassemble as needed.

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    I agree with jpmuscle, you can't clean it. And .22 is dirty as hell.

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    A few rounds of .22 no problem. Any regular shooting and you'll foul up that can in no time. Better off to just stick with a dedicated .22 can or get a lighter pistol can that can be disassembled for cleaning.

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    If you want something for multiple guns, keep rifle silencers for rifles, and get a a serviceable pistol silencer for center-fire pistol and .22.

    Lead buildup in a sealed can is not easy to remove. I also dont trust 22lr ammo through a 223 can due to baffle strike potential. Ive seen a lot of weird stuff from “quality 22” that I would not risk it.
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