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    My first serious build

    Ive built a number of ar-15s of various types and brands over the years. This is the first real attempt at building something more serious so I thought Id see what everyone thought. My goal was to try to get pretty close to a issue m4 or at least a good homage to one. So here we go:

    1. BCI Defense M16 cut low shelf lower receiver $105
    2. Geissele Super Tricon fcg $240
    3. Geissele Ambidextrous safety selector $40
    4. Colt receiver extension 4 position with Colt end plate and castle nut $50
    5. Colt fiberlite waffle stock $30 and then replaced with JE socom.
    6. JE Machine Socom Stock $45
    7. Colt buffer spring $20
    8. Colt buffer H $35
    9. Colt lower part kit including pistol grip, replaced with Magpul I had laying around, minus fcg $55
    I Properly torqued and staked castle nut.
    Total: $620

    1. Colt factory assembled barreled upper assembly (6920) $365
    2. Colt factory M16-bcg plus Colt factory cage code charging handle $125
    3. Sig Sauer Romeo5 red dot scope $130
    4. Sig Sauer Juliet 3 $265
    5. KAC tactical rail $125
    6. KAC covers $60
    7. Colt factory side sling $55
    8. Matech military backup site $35
    9. KAC military fore grip $20
    10. Streamlight ProTac HL-X Rifle Rail Mount Dedicated Fix Mount 1000 Lumen LED Light $100
    11. Vickers padded sling with poly hardware $50
    Total: $1330
    Rifle total: $620+$1330=$1950
    5 colt factory 30 round Magazines $100

    Total $2050

    Total With a carry case and half case of 500 round Federal 62 grain green tip : about $2200

    I deviated from my original plans only on the JE machine sopmod stock, figured Id give it a try due to costing less than a B5 stock and the Magpul grip is just more comfortable to me than the regular A2 grip and the Sig Sauer Romeo Juliet combo until I decide whether to go EOTech or Trijicon. Also, I went with a streamlight instead of a surefire.

    This cloning/homage business gets expensive, lol. What does everyone think of it so far?F605EA16-AEC0-4A0D-B7DA-18878BA390EB.jpg
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