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Thread: new to this forum and newbie question! (what ammo for LE6920)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lsllc View Post
    So you’ve seen some anecdotal evidence. Cool. You should also look at the anecdotal evidence of times the 55 gr ball shit the bed.
    Agreed. 55 gr ball is a crap shoot. With the OTMs, I found you had to slow them down to around transonic to get them to fail to frag, and even then, they turned sideways and traveled through the target. (unscientific water tests... but interesting to compare things)
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    I load all my own ammo. Sd and practice. I have two mags loaded with nosler 62gr bonded, a few with Barnes tsx. But honestly theyíre down in the reloading room, that hasnít gotten set up since our move, on a shelf. My ar sitting next to the bed Iím laying in is loaded with nosler 77gr ccs. I had this master plan of having 1000 rounds loaded with the nosler or Barnes on hand at all times on top of my loaded normal use stuff. But in all honesty, Iím too lazy to switch mags out for different circumstances. My 77ccs will hit accurately to 700yds if I do my part. So I know I can put rounds on target up close.

    You can wade through all this data of bullets, penetration and whatever. What it comes down to is, does your gun like it, is your gun loaded, can you hit what youíre aiming at? Only exception in my feeble mind is fmj, I wont run it. Passed that donít get lost in everything else itís too overwhelming.

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